Christian Challenge is more than a ministry, it’s a movement and everyone is welcome. We welcome you to join us in building real relationships with the real God.

unlchallengeThere are lots of reasons a church or denomination might offer a campus ministry for you to get plugged into during your college years. Some reasons are better than others. UNL Christian Challenge exists to launch the next Christ-captivated generation. That’s it. That’s us. We do this by offering theological classes, small group encounters, large group experiences, and personalized  mentoring.

Ultimately, I guess I would challenge you to check us out for yourself. Come catch a vision for how God could use our small movement to be a part of the start of the rest of your life. We won’t make any promises, but we will claim and trust in His. 

Jeremy Pape– Jeremy Pape

P.S. – If you have any questions, send us a note or peruse this site for lots of resources.